Who are End-Rich?

Do you ever just get tired of the norm?

At End-Rich we have found that the average person will spend around 90,000 hours of their lifetime at work! That’s a lot of hours – especially if your job isn’t giving you the satisfaction it should be. We all spend so much time absorbed in our hectic lives – working tirelessly to earn a wage that we hope will allow us to escape work and switch off from it on our days off! Working for our weekends, slaving away for that holiday and missing special moments with our families just to pay our bills. These moments are irretrievable… 

So many people find little joy in their jobs and wonder how their lives could be different, more fulfilling, more enjoyable if only they’d made different choices…

Let's End-Rich together

The aim of our blog is to End-Rich! 😉 Rich in health, happiness and wealth. We are here to challenge the status quo of daily life and forge a new destiny for both our readers and ourselves. We are documenting the life-changing journey of two teachers and their baby girl on their quest for financial freedom, flexibility and ensuring their little one is set up for her future.

About us

We are the authors of this blog – Filipa and Alex Endrich – the Frugal Family.

We have been teaching in secondary schools for a combined total of 15 years ranging in 8 different subjects and have held a range of different responsibilities between us. As teachers, we may well have the privilege of being able to leave work from 3:45 pm – but a teacher’s work is never done. From working evenings and weekends – even taking work on holiday with us – the job of a teacher never seems to end! 

One of the disadvantages of being a teacher is needing to book holidays during peak seasons – meaning extortionate prices! Alongside tirelessly working in our own roles, we would often take on extra hours tutoring, proof-reading, fixing computers outside of our working hours to ensure we had enough to enjoy our very well deserved break.

Prior to teaching, we held many different job posts – Alex from the age of 13 and Filipa from 15. During this time we were subjected to some pretty questionable demands from our employers and asked to complete some dreadful work. 

The fact is, that working for others means they get to dictate the terms of the relationship. How comfortable you are with this is down to you.

We love the idea of ‘financial freedom’ and making our own choices. Filipa has always been an advocate of saving and spending wisely. She has always lived below her means. Alex, on the other hand, has adapted over time and caught the saving/frugality bug!

What was our tipping point? Having the time off on shared parental leave showed us how much we value our family time. Living for the weekend and school holidays simply isn’t the way we want to live. The moment we started back to work and we waved goodbye to our little one at the door, was the moment that everything changed. No longer wanting to be bound by the shackles of our job, we set about educating ourselves on how to make additional money, live more frugally, with the ultimate goal of having financial freedom

about end-rich
about end-rich

How can we help you?

We are passionate about finances, family and frugal living – this is what the blog is primarily about. Our aim is to help you End-Rich! Rich in health, happiness and wealth! 

We will help you:

  • Make frugal life choices to make the most of the money you have
  • Invest your money wisely so that your money works for you
  • Free up time with passive income strategies
  • Explore trialled methods on raising children and setting them up for a successful future 
  • Try out some fantastic frugal recipes for the whole family

At End-Rich, we believe that financial freedom is possible

We know that the ripple effect of small (seemingly meaningless decisions) can change your life for the better. 

Join us now and discover how you can make these changes too! 


Thank you for your time and interest.

Alex & Filipa 😉 

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